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4100-OTM sketch

4100-OTM Oil Transfer Monitor

Part Number Starting: 4100-OTM

Continuous interface monitoring of vapour, oil and water phases in transfer pipes

Over 40 years of Arjay’s field proven HF capacitance experience has been applied to the 4100-OTM series monitors. This unique design provides complete flexibility for monitoring liquid transfer applications.

The 4100-OTM sensing probe monitors the capacitance field between the probe and the concentric shield.

The probe capacitance changes as the different dielectric phases of vapour, oil and water surround the probe. This interface signal is used to provide outputs, displays and relay control.

Probe Assembly

The Arjay PMC (pulse module circuit) installed at the probe converts the probe signals to a frequency pulse. This allows the controller to be safely mounted up to 1 km away from the transfer pipe with virtually no loss to signal stability. No operator interface is required at the probe using this unique Arjay PMC design.

Control Panel

All calibration, control interface and power wiring is done at the main control unit. The touch screen provides a simple menu-driven operator interface and display.

The Arjay App board is the heart of the 4100-OTM. This board monitors and controls the signals from the probe, applies the appropriate calibration algorithms and interfaces this information to the touch screen and PLC hardware.

Standard Interfaces

  • Analog Output 4-20 mA non-isolated
  • Communication RS-485 Modb

  • No moving parts
  • Remote electronics via standard twisted pair
  • All set-up, calibration and diagnostics is done at the control panel
  • HF capacitance technology does not require routine cleaning
  • Touch screen interface for easy set-up and user interface
  • LCD display for ease of reading
  • Relays for valve control and alarms
  • Unique capacitance approach eliminates routine cleaning
  • Control and interface panel mounts safely away from the process

Process Temp -60C to +260C
Ambient Temp -60C to +55C
Pressure 103 bar/10342 kPA/1500psi at stable temperatures
Process Connection available 2″ npt or flanged
Explosion Proof CSA Div 1, Class 1, Groups C,D
Intrinsic Safety Approved Intrinsically Safe when ordered with Approved Barrier in Control unit
Wetted Parts 316SS and Teflon

Probe materials are eligible for NACE MR-0175 Compliance

Operating Temp.: 0C to +55C
Resolution: .007% (.07 pF at 1000pF)
Accuracy: .04% of full scale pF
Power Input: 24 vdc or 80-240 vac +/- 10%, 1P, 50-60 Hz
Display: touch screen, % and pF readings, bar graph, display of phases
Relay Output: four SPDT, 10 amp @ 240 vac
Enclosure: Type 4 / IP 65 metal painted blue
optional Type 4X SS or polycarbonate
Approvals to: UL/CSA/CE, IEC 61010