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Level Transmitters and Switches for Liquid and Solids

Arjay Engineering manufactures a complete line of solids and liquid level control systems and monitors for various types of applications.

These advanced systems employ a unique Radio Frequency Capacitance circuitry to maximize accuracy and minimize maintenance. From single and multiple point switches to continuous transmitters and multiple tank monitors, Arjay is sure to have a unit to meet your requirements. Built with innovative capacitance technology, our liquid and solids sensors can respond to all types of products. Featuring a simple, user-friendly interface, all of our units are designed to be set up and calibrated within minutes. As specialists in the industry with over 40 years of experience, we’ve created our liquid and solids sensors with core technologies and designs that are incomparable. In addition to our regularly manufactured products, we also offer custom design and engineering services. Learn more detailed information on our solids and liquid level control systems here!