Capacitance Instruments / Level Controls – Current Models

2852-CAPCapacitance Monitor[Manual] [Drawing]
2852-DPMDry Pump Monitor[Manual] [Drawing]
2852-HCFFloating Oil Spill Alarm[Manual] [Drawing]
2852-IFALiquid Interface Alarm Switch[Manual] [Drawing]
2852T-ILAInterstitial Tank Leak Alarm[Manual] [Drawing]
2852-LPSArea Leak Alarm[Manual] [Drawing]
2852-LSTwo Point Level Switch[Manual] [Drawing]
2852-LTCapacitance Level Monitor[Manual] [Drawing]
2852-OWIOil/Water Interface Monitor[Manual] [Drawing]
2852-OWSOil/Water Separator & Sump Alarm[Manual] [Drawing]
2852-PCDPlug Chute Detector & Sump Alarm[Manual] [Drawing]
2880-LTCapacitance Level Transmitter[Manual] [Drawing]
2880-OWIOil/Water Interface Transmitter[Manual] [Drawing]
2882-LSProbe Mounted Level Switch & Sump Alarm[Manual] [Drawing]
2882-OWSOil/Water Separator & Sump Alarm[Manual] [Drawing]
2882-FCSProbe Mounted Foam Control Switch[Manual] [Drawing]
2880R-LTRemote Explosion Proof Capacitance Level Monitor[Manual] [Drawing]
4100-HCFFloating Oil Thickness Monitor[Manual] [Drawing]
4100-LEVLevel Monitor[Manual] [Drawing]
4100-OWM% Water In Oil Monitor[Manual] [Drawing]
4100-OWSOil/Water Separator Level Monitor[Manual] [Drawing]
P-Series ProbeTypical P-Series Probe Overview[Drawing]

ppm Oil in Water Monitors – Current Models

HydroSense 2410On-Line Oil in Water Monitor[Manual] [Drawing]
HydroSense 4410-LMPOn-Line Oil in Water Monitor[Manual] [Drawing]
HydroSense 4410-OCMOn-Line Oil in Water Monitor[Manual] [Drawing]
Hydrosense 4420-OCMOn-Line Oil in Water Monitor[Manual] [Drawing]
FluoroCheck IIBenchtop Oil in Water Monitor[Manual]

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HydroSense 2410On-Line Oil in Water Monitor[Brochure] [Sample Specification]
HydroSense 2410-UOn-Line Oil in Water Monitor[Brochure]
HydroSense 4410-LMPOn-Line Oil in Water Monitor[Brochure]
HydroSense 4410-OCMOn-Line Oil in Water Monitor[Brochure]
HydroSense 4420-OCMOn-Line Oil in Water Monitor[Brochure]
FluoroCheckIIBenchtop Oil in Water Monitor[Brochure]
2852-CAPCapacitance Monitor[Brochure] [Sample Specification]
2852-DPMDry Pump Monitor[Brochure] [Sample Specification]
2852-FCMDry Pump Monitor[Brochure]
2852-HCFFloating Oil Spill Alarm[Brochure] [Sample Specification]
2852-IFALiquid Interface Alarm Switch[Brochure] [Sample Specification]
2852T-ILAInterstitial Tank Leak Alarm[Brochure] [Sample Specification]
2852-LPSArea Leak Alarm[Brochure] [Sample Specification]
2852-LSTwo Point Level Switch[Brochure] [Sample Specification]
2852-LTCapacitance Level Monitor[Brochure] [Sample Specification]
2852-OWIOil/Water Interface Monitor[Brochure]
2852-OWSOil/Water Separator & Sump Alarm[Brochure]
2852-PCDPlug Chute Detector & Sump Alarm[Brochure] [Sample Specification]
2880-FCMProbe Mounted Foam Control Monitor[Brochure] [Sample Specification]
2882-LSProbe Mounted Level Switch & Sump Alarm[Brochure] [Sample Specification]
2880-LTCapacitance Level Transmitter[Brochure] [Sample Specification]
2880-OWIOil/Water Interface Transmitter[Brochure] [Sample Specification]
2882-OWSOil/Water Separator & Sump Alarm[Brochure] [Sample Specification]
4100-CAPCapacitance Monitor[Brochure]
4100-HCFFloating Oil Thickness Monitor[Brochure]
4100-LEVLevel Monitor[Brochure] [Sample Specification]
4100-OTMOil Transfer Monitor[Brochure]
4100-OWM% Water In Oil Monitor[Brochure]
4100-OWSOil/Water Separator Level Monitor[Brochure] [Sample Specification]
4100-PROOil/Water Tank Profiler[Brochure]


What is Capacitance?PDF File

Water Quality / Oil In Water

A Guide to Oil In Water Monitoring for Environmental CompliancePDF File

Gas Detection (in Air)

White Paper and Reports for Gas DetectionLink