Thanks to industry peers like you, we have received a lot of feedback here at Arjay.

We are always pleased to hear the classic remarks about great support, integrity, and product reliability, but what really hits home is learning how our company culture gets recognized. By company culture, we mean our consistent desire to work together to build for you what you need, when you need it. And doing it right.

We are known as designers and manufacturers of process and environmental controls for demanding applications in all industries. Over 40 years of experience has proven that to users like you in the oil and gas, municipal water treatment, power generation, mining, pharmaceutical, automotive, chemical and food processing, pulp and paper, and secondary manufacturing industries.

This led to our unique Pulse Module Capacitance technology providing the stability and reliability needed for level, foam, interface, spill, tank and area leaks, plugged & dry pump detectors, oil spills alarms, profile transmitters, and oil water separator monitors.

For oil in water hydrocarbon analysers, our non-contacting fluorescence technology correlates well with EPA 1664 and ISO 9377 Analytical methods for mg/I (ppm) trace monitoring in wastewater, cooling water, produced water and even treated water purification and RO protection against contaminated seawater. For those looking for something more portable, we even offer a cost effective on-site method to check for oil in your water throughout your plant.

For safety and ventilation control of toxic and combustible gas in air, check out our gas detection site at www.ArjayGasDetection.com.

Of course all of our products carry certifications to high standards internationally such as CSA, UL, CE ATEX, IECEx, Hazloc Hazardous Location Use.

When it comes down it though, we really sell solutions and support. It’s a corporate culture thing.

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