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Another Great Year at OTC Houston 2017

The Offshore Oil Technology Conference in Houston closes with a another successful year for Arjay. Lots of new and renewed faces.

The industry buzzword continues to be “cautious optimism”. Upstream producers have severely cut staff and become extra lean with capital spending. The result is renewed hope, however, the continued low barrel price remains a challenge to offshore oil.

Continued finds of onshore shale oil and gas formations, foreign oil and alternative energy sources aren’t helping to raise the price of barrel. Big Oil obviously questions if they should direct their money and energies toward offshore or onshore. The lower risk exploration and quick-to-market development costs of onshore oil certainly doesn’t help the case for new offshore oil development.

Arjay offers environmental produced water monitors and process oil/water separator monitors to help producers meet these new challenges with greater control of chemical use and through-put while meeting the environmental demands of both offshore and onshore upstream and downstream oil production.

Looking forward to the rest of the shows this year, and continuing to see all the old and new faces!